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Going Conscious

Sep 1, 2021

Marion is a dear friend of mine who is also pregnant and we have been sharing this unexpected journey together. This episode is special! For two reasons - because it’s our one year anniversary since the very first episode of Going Conscious, and because I welcome Marion back to Going Conscious to talk about our experiences of pregnancy so far. We talk about the lessons we have learned which apply far beyond pregnancy to life in general.


Marion is a French-German writer, actress and dreamcoach. She creates conscious films which reimagine female role models, celebrate diversity and promote a holistic culture of filmmakers. Her prolific writing includes a self-help book called “wild creator”, a feature movie and funded TV series pilots. Marion teaches creative writing at university, her own Wild Writers course (which I can say is brilliant), and is a dreamcoach, harnessing the potential to listen to our soul through dreams. 


In this episode we talk about the incredible journeys we both experienced where plant medicine guided both of our conception journeys in ways beyond our rational comprehension. We talk about how we realised we had no idea how to consciously move through pregnancy, surrendering to the body as it creates new life, discovering relationship attachment styles and taking radical action, why conscious pregnancy means facing your own shadows, moving from head to womb and finding out that we are both more ourselves now than we have ever been before (counter to our expectations).


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