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Going Conscious

Jun 2, 2021

LGO (Laura Gassner Otting) is a globally touring professional speaker (from TEDx Boston to The TODAY Show) and the Founder of Limitless Possibility, a niche consulting firm working with entrepreneurs, philanthropists, executives, and thought leaders to get them unstuck and achieving extraordinary results. Previously she was the Founder and CEO of NPAG (executive search firm serving nonprofits, foundations, universities and advocacy organizations) and a Political Appointee at The White House, USA.


In this episode we talk about why purpose doesn’t have to be high or lofty, how we end up with other people’s definitions of purpose and the freedom of having more than one purpose. We talk about why millennials are the first generation who live as the same person at home and at work, brain science behind manifestation, the discomfort of going conscious, how hindsight makes a challenging journey sound easy, faking being an extrovert as a raging introvert, defining and creating your own success and why success means finding your own model of leadership.


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