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Going Conscious

Apr 21, 2021

Casilda is a shamanic healer, impact entrepreneur and a former tier one global marketing executive. She serves as a bridge between spirituality and corporate, to help elevate the consciousness of corporate to be a force for social good. She is a pioneer paving the way to lead industry and category transformation, first through deep inner transformation that can help bridge insights and intuition for innovative business advantage. Casilda discovered that she comes from a lineage of shamanic healers and now uses these gifts as a trusted heart-centred transformation mentor for leaders and visionaries through Sol Medicine Immersions. She is also working on her own impact focused eco-conscious lifestyle brand, and is the author of two upcoming books. 


In this episode we talk about workaholism and burnout, creating space and opening up to plant medicine to connect the conscious with the subconscious. We talk about why being over-productive depletes our soul, how to trust and surrender, how to strip away external validation, realising the need to love yourself enough to let go, pioneering the new earth consciousness - the birth of something radical, embodying interconnectedness and unlocking what we have to contribute to the planet.

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