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Going Conscious

Feb 17, 2021

With a storied career in entertainment, fashion and wellness, Cyia was an original Pussycat doll for 12 years, in films including Charlie’s Angels, a jewelry designer, long-time meditation teacher and more. Her experiences have culminated in a keen eye about people. With a life-long gift of feeling and reading energy, of being seen herself and of relating to people from all walks of life, Cyia's healing work and teachings are the coming together of each facet. Her work as a spiritual advisor, energy healer, medicine woman and certified herbalist, speaker, teacher and guide is unique, innovative and experienced, just like Cyia.


In this episode we talk about Cyia’s incredible journey, from becoming a multimillionaire by 24 and losing it all by 33, to her spiritual awakening and how becoming a mother changed everything, to how spirituality guides her life. We talk about how Cyia found her spirituality, how she realised everything fell on her to thrive, how to deepen your connection with your intuition, how energy dictates everything in our lives, how to ask for help, the danger of comparison, letting go of resentment and how to honour your truth and soul.


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