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Going Conscious

Dec 2, 2020

Natascha is a Professor in Marketing and Sustainable Business at the British School of Fashion. She recently launched the innovative Sustainable Luxury MBA Module which develops students’ sustainability literacies and expertise. Natascha is also a National Teaching Fellow, Vice Chair of The Costume Society and Editor-in-Chief for Bloomsbury Fashion Business Case Studies. She has extensive experience teaching in Europe, Asia and North America and her cross-disciplinary research spans creative industries practice; sustainable fashion; social enterprise and responsible business; cultural heritage, consumer behaviour and international fashion marketing.


We met through our work online and I was honoured to be invited to speak to Natascha’s sustainable luxury MBA students.


In this episode we talk about the future of responsible fashion, the importance of coming to work as yourself and leaving our legacy through meaningful work. We discuss simplifying complex topics and opening the gates as an educator, the disconnect between sustainable fashion interests and fast fashion habits, how rewarding work is aligned with your values, the journey of lifelong learning, the new meaning of success, how to put what you want out there so it comes back to you, the importance of listening to your body and finding balance, and how to nurture your positivity.


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