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Going Conscious

Apr 27, 2023

In this recap episode you will hear the first parts of four Going Conscious episodes that feature inspiring experts on mindset who show us how to hone our mindsets for greater consciousness and business success all at once.


You’ll hear from Sebastian, a branding and performance marketing entrepreneur with a passion for conscious capitalism. We talked about how to build consciousness into your business and create a financially free life.


From Cyia, an original pussycat doll and Hollywood actor turned spiritual teacher and mindset mentor. We talk about why we have many purposes, the importance of fantasies and how to write your own story


Fom Poppy, known as the woman taking over tapping who is a creative businesswoman and coach focussed on a special kind of transformation. We talk about how to use rapid tapping to achieve results, the superconscious and how to integrate quantum physics into your life.


And from Patrick, a 23 year old entrepreneur on a mission to globalise positive habits. We talk about how tiny habit changes can make a massive impact on your life, why personal growth fuels business growth, and what really matters to gen Z.


Please let me know in a short review which episode, guest or takeaway grabs your attention, and I’ll be reading some out as listener shout-outs soon.


To listen to the full episodes, search for:


#52 Seb Naum

#60 Cyia Batten

#64 Patrick Mazurek

#82 Poppy Delbridge


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