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Going Conscious

Jan 4, 2023

In this special episode we bring you a short channelled singing meditation to help you reconnect with yourself and your channel of consciousness, and to help you release what may be blocking you.


Here, Nikki goes out of her comfort zone and shares her first singing meditation with you. Since she was in the process of childbirth, she has been singing channelled songs, and sometimes feels called to share them with others, which have been having intriguing impacts. She wanted to bring this to the community here on Going Conscious for this year’s meditation episode.


We invite you to give yourself these short minutes to ground and align yourself whenever you feel called to. Do whatever feels good to you as you listen - lie down and close your eyes, sit still, dance, sing, or scream. Whatever feels right, go for it wholeheartedly! Just as Nikki has done here to create this improvisation for you.


And please do give this little gift to anyone you know who could benefit from it by sharing this episode with your friends..


Please come back and listen again and again.


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