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Going Conscious

Oct 26, 2022

One of my clients, Sonia, is currently listening to one Going Conscious episode a day and has been doing so since the beginning of the show, now on episode 41! She has been finding it very powerful and is enjoying seeing themes emerge. She’s inspired me to start doing the same.


In this recap episode you will hear the first parts of four Going Conscious episodes that centre around plant-based living, removing animals from the food chain and the incredible unknown powers of plants. This time they are coming from very varied perspectives, from advocacy to science.


We will hear from Elaine who is spearheading the post-animal economy and working with startups and investors in growing a next-gen materials industry to replace animal-based materials. We will hear from Monica the Research Associate Professor who pioneered the brand-new research field of plant bioacoustics, demonstrating that plants emit their own ‘voices’ and detect and respond to the sounds of their environments. We will hear from Joey who is Founder & Co-Owner of Veshin Factory in China, where he and his partners are on a mission to move the fashion accessories industry to conscious, sustainable, vegan production. And we will hear from Stephanie who is Founder and Managing Director of Vegan Mainstream - a trailblazer in the vegan business world since 2009.


Please let me know in a short review which episode, guest or takeaway grabs your attention, and I’ll be reading some out as listener shout-outs soon.


To listen to the full episodes, search for:

#77 Elaine Sui

#16 Monica Gagliano

#41 Joey Pringle

#59 Stephanie Redcross West


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