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Going Conscious

Oct 26, 2022

One of my clients, Sonia, is currently listening to one Going Conscious episode a day and has been doing so since the beginning of the show, now on episode 41! She has been finding it very powerful and is enjoying seeing themes emerge. She’s inspired me to start doing the same.


In this recap episode you will hear...

Oct 19, 2022

In this special episode we bring you a short guided meditation for forgiveness - to help you forgive another person, or yourself, for something that has happened so that you can release it and move forwards with freedom.


Give yourself these 10 minutes whenever you feel you have something to release. 


And to give...

Oct 12, 2022

Anieke is a former Venture Capital investor turned startup Founder on a mission to make every child in the world feel special and connected to roots and loved ones. With her company, Peekabond, she helps global families build bonds with young children at a distance.


In this episode we talk about the huge...

Oct 5, 2022

Pavita is a polymath whose mission is to spread light, love, learning, and laughter. She is the Executive Director of Girls Health Ed and award-winning international bestselling author of To All the Magic in Me.


People often go through life avoiding negative emotions, forgetting that they are an integral part of the...