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Going Conscious

May 18, 2022

In this episode we try a new format where we bring you the first parts of four episodes that centre around one topic so you can get reminded of some key points of inspiration, see what you want to go deeper into, and check out the interviews you may have missed.


This recap looks at how we can bring sustainability into fashion from various expert angles. We hear from the incredible Sophia Li who was my 2nd podcast guest and is an influential journalist and filmmaker using storytelling to impact climate and fashion. From Bandana Tewari who blew me away with her journey from Vogue India’s editor to an advocate. We hear from the Felder Felder twin sisters Dani and Annette about their evolution from catwalk it-brand to bringing their values to the fore, and we touch on their journey with me at Conscious Accelerator, and we explore the future of sustainability and the role of fashion in planet regeneration with journalist and change-making powerhouse Rachel Arthur.


Overall, my main reflections are that we can’t use buying more stuff as an excuse for being sustainable, but that fashion is an important part of culture and those who can create truly regenerative, transparent and circular models are the ones who will win. By bringing diversity and human kindness together with nurturing the planet, a new paradigm for fashion can be created.


Please let me know in a short review which episode, guest or takeaway grabs your attention, and I’ll be reading some out as listener shout outs soon.


To listen to the full episodes, search:

#2 Sophia Li

#15 Bandana Tewari

#72 Danielle & Annette Felder

#7 Rachel Arthur


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