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Going Conscious

Apr 6, 2022

In this special episode Nikki guides you through a short meditation you can do with your baby or child, and then we discuss how motherhood itself can be the path to deepen our spirituality.


As a mother, you might find it challenging to keep up with a meditation practice. Nikki has found it hard to meditate for long as a new mother, so she created this meditation which you can do together with your baby or child and integrate into your life.


Just taking these few minutes, and accepting however they are to be for you today, will help you to ground into your body and your presence. 


Mothers - you are doing the most important job to create a more conscious world. This practice is dedicated to all of you.


To connect with our children, we must first connect with ourselves.


Please come back to listen to this meditation again and again whenever it can support you, and share it as a little gift to friends who will benefit from it too.


This meditation is set to music using Alpha waves to help you enter a deeper meditative state, bringing you calm, mind-body integration and learning.


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