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Going Conscious

Nov 3, 2021

Elizabeth is an award-winning actor - appearing in blockbuster movies including Marvel’s Dr Strange and indie gems such as Across The River. She is a television reporter, documentary filmmaker, radio host, interviewer, film director and screenwriter. She is currently making a documentary about the homeless crisis in London during the Covid epidemic, having volunteered and helped to distribute meals, and is joining the A-list cast of The Liar (a film version of Stephen Fry’s best-selling novel). She also has a PhD in neuroscience.


In this episode we talk about how Elizabeth’s diverse portfolio of work and expertise is all driven by telling people’s stories and the importance of being a great listener. We talk about how to create something out of nothing as long as you’re doing it for the right reasons, how to feel fear and do it anyway, the importance of community, how to exist in the now, moments of realisation and how to stay curious and never stop playing.


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