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Going Conscious

Oct 27, 2021

JV is a limitless mindset and strategy coach, speaker, futurist, humanitarian, and 34 X #1 International Best-Selling Author. He hosts the Conscious Millionaire Show, heard by millions of listeners in 190 countries. JV is on a mission to help 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs make millions by making their difference!


As you can tell, we have very aligned missions in the world!


In this episode we talk about getting what you dreamt of and realising something is missing, how to bring conscious and millionaire together and how to embrace the fact that you can be completely limitless. We talk about how your purpose is your real life journey (and not to be missed!), the shared mission of humanity to evolve consciousness, mystical experiences, how to become comfortable with the transition of death, alignment in business and how to open your money door.


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