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Going Conscious

Sep 15, 2021

Lee Chambers is a British psychologist, coach and founder of Essentialise Workplace Wellbeing. He has been interviewed by Vogue, Newsweek and the BBC. Through a diverse journey, including working in elite sports and corporate finance, running a European videogame business, and losing the ability to walk, he has found clarity in his mission. That mission is to empower others to value their health and live with meaning. He is now on the pathway to positively impact the health and happiness of 1 million adults and children.


In this episode we talk about how losing his ability to walk aided Lee in finding his mission, how to learn to listen, humanising health and business, why health is about compounding decisions, why food is not inherently good or bad, and why Lee must be human himself first to be able to impact 1 million others.


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