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Going Conscious

Aug 18, 2021

Naomi is a multi-faceted podcaster, presenter, entrepreneur and veterinary surgeon. A passionate advocate of raising the voices of women in podcasting, she is the founder of the Skylark Collective and the International Women’s Podcast Awards. Her career as a vet has taken her to the South Pacific, Australia, the USA, Newmarket and beyond. Her first podcast, Smashing The Ceiling, tells the stories of women with unusual and inspiring careers, and Naomi also hosts two other successful veterinary podcasts. 


In this episode we talk about Naomi’s dream since she was 3 years old to become a vet, and how when she got there she realised it wasn’t her path for the future. We also talk about Naomi’s passion for raising female voices in podcasting and her new business, the Skylark Collective. We talk about Naomi’s career as a horse specialist working all over the world, human animal relationships, pushing and pulling energetics, creating a space for women to raise each other up in podcasting, how to let go of the version of success you thought you wanted and that others perceive to be success for you, how to accept your need for self development, and how to live with less doing and more being.


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