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Going Conscious

Sep 30, 2020

Janet is a world renowned Australian artist examining our physical, cultural and conflicting relationship to the natural world. She explores what it might mean to heal the natural environment, fusing a sense of communal loss with a search for connection with powerful life-forces. Her work reminds us that art can provoke its audience into a renewed awareness about our environment. Janet’s work is included in many museums, universities and corporate collections as well as within architectural and landscaped public places, worldwide.


In this episode, we talk about how Janet uses an aesthetic language that is desirable to engage with to bring the viewer closer to environmental topics. Having seen the devastating effect of human behaviour on nature herself, Janet seeks out fragile places to make work about to bring the urgent need of healing them to the public. We talk about how Janet moves forward based on her intuition, confidence and premonitions of herself in the future, the importance of the artist’s voice, wellbeing and meditative morning walks with a podcast.


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