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Going Conscious

Aug 4, 2021

Harriet is the founder of the artist network and podcast GIRLS TO THE FRONT - a platform to connect and educate artists that identify as women. She is also the founder and host of music platform Secret Sessions. What started as a YouTube channel has grown into one of the UK’s most well respected live shows and music brands. Harriet has worked with 100s of influential artists and creators from acts including Ed Sheeran, Passenger and Bastille to Kacey Musgraves Mahalia and Freya Ridings.


In this episode we talk about why Harriet decided to champion women, the consciousness of your mission and the first Secret Sessions festival this September. We talk about the experience it takes to know what you deeply care about, diversity issues in the music industry, Harriet’s holistic approach, mental health issues for artists from how social media companies create addiction, the importance of connection, the illusion of time and the lessons we might learn from our children arriving soon. 


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