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Going Conscious

Jun 30, 2021

James is a serial entrepreneur and born leader with a proven track record of success in eCommerce and Event Marketing. Amongst many failures, James has built, scaled, and sold three six-figure businesses and led teams of 50+. He finds happiness in making people and the planet smile.  After conquering a long battle with mental illness, James brought together the wearewell team to arm his generation with the tools they need to improve not only their own health, but the health of the planet as well.


In this episode we talk about James’ varied entrepreneurial journey and his consistent red thread of wanting to put a smile on people’s faces. We talk about why making other people happy makes you happy, asking “why?”, trauma and mental illness, discovering that pharmaceuticals don’t bring wellness, James’ wake-up moment where he stepped out of his body, how to focus on your mind, body and soul all at once rather than one at a time, creating a health brand for Gen Z, authenticity, profit with purpose, helping humanity to thrive and the importance of practicing gratitude.


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LinkedIn: James Bennett


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