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Going Conscious

Jun 9, 2021

Originally from just outside of north London, England, Joey's first break in fashion came in Melbourne, Australia, as an accessories designer for Crumpler. He has since worked as a technical bags developer for MEC and most recently as the accessories lead for tentree, where he worked with factories across Vietnam and China. On a business trip to China in 2018 Joey met with a factory in Guangzhou and the conversation to start a green factory model together developed. Joey is now the Founder & Co-Owner of Veshin Factory in China, where he and his partners are on a mission to move the fashion accessories industry to conscious, sustainable, vegan production.


In this episode we talk about Joey’s strong gut feeling that pulled him to Guangzhou which changed his life, plant-based leather and the circular economy changing fashion and how he is helping his green factory blossom. We talk about Joey’s adventures around the world, how he removed the clouds over his intuition, how to discover the guidance of transcendental meditation (TM) to go back to yourself, veganism as a state of consciousness, how to learn to enjoy the ride and not get frustrated, and how to wake up personally to grow consciousness as a whole.


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