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Going Conscious

May 26, 2021

Deanna is a sustainability focused entrepreneur and human-centered designer, working intentionally through a lens of mental health, social impact, and intersectionality. She is passionate about humanising the production process and encouraging a collective slowing down in the way we produce and consume. Her clothing brand, Vincetta, focuses on community building and education through storytelling, engaging collective discussions, and generating thought provoking conversation and questions. Previously she worked for brands including J. Crew and Ralph Lauren and spent 3 years as a Venture Fellow at a Sustainability Incubator in Brooklyn, NY. 


In this episode we talk about how Deanna loves the creative challenge of working with what is already there, and how she cared about sustainability before she even knew what it was. We talk about how Deanna’s mission to normalise mental health was spurred by losing her Mum, holistic sustainability, how internal work yields external results, breaking down social constructs, collectively slowing down, being more intentional about what we put out in the world, humanising customers and community, body acceptance, the importance of who you surround yourself with, feeling enough without any material item, and creating your own standards.


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