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Going Conscious

May 12, 2021

Giap was born in Bangkok, where she grew up between her family village and the city. Her childhood was immersed in local culture, food and spirituality with Buddhism at the core. 


After moving to London in 1991, she started her career as a professional dancer and then, seeking stability, transitioned into the fast-paced finance sector. She observed how stress taxes one's health and undermines the body's resiliency. Putting herself on the path towards inner peace, she studied various aspects of human behavior through psychotherapy, yoga and spiritual healing which ultimately helped her to create her own proven system to share with others.


In this episode we talk about how Giap transitioned from dancing to banking and then realised she needed to go back to her family’s Buddhist roots. We talk about how Giap went on her own healing journey initially without the intention to make healing into her career, dealing with imposter syndrome, conscious relationships, a very honest conversation about Giap’s current personal relationship situation, the effects of the full moon, surrendering and not having control, how the universe will provide when you focus on serving others and empowering people to go on their own inner health journey.


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