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Going Conscious

May 5, 2021

Karen is a business strategist and course creator who helps six-, seven- and eight-figure entrepreneurs scale their online brands. As part of her Signature Impact mentoring program, she uses techniques that blend neuroscience-based learning and her unique holistic marketing strategies to help coaches, thought-leaders and service providers package their genius into scalable programs. Her mission is to create positive global change by helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs build the impactful businesses they were born to lead.


A natural entrepreneur, Karen started a six-figure fashion company in Trinidad at the age of 16. Three decades later, she’s launched businesses in five different industries, including three multi 7-figure businesses. 


In this episode we talk about how Karen found her purpose early and how she helps other people break down their barriers. We talk about how to let go of the belief that you have to achieve to receive, how to stop doing and start being, how when Karen was told she had 6 months to live she said “no”, integrating neuroscience, the holistic science of marketing, the emergence of more conscious leaders, being an enneagram 8 woman (both of us!), how to tune your brain to hear your heart, and why success is what you feel like not what you look like.


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Instagram: @signaturesuccess.official
Clubhouse: @karensmith


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