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Going Conscious

Mar 24, 2021

Sylvia has spent the last 2 decades learning how life presents us with unexpected twists and turns that can shake us to our core, stop us in our tracks or provide a catalyst for exciting change. Her professional world took a leap from the predictable and defined realm of private banking in New York City to one of few answers and no blueprint when her son, 21-year-old Brandon, was diagnosed with a rare form of dwarfism at the age of 2. Their experiences navigating a world not built for somebody like him prompted them to seek out ways to neither be confined nor defined by limitations, perceived or otherwise. This has led to an entrepreneurial career path for both mother and son that has impacted millions of lives. Sylvia is a passionate speaker sharing ways to embrace uncertainty with a sense of curiosity rather than getting stuck in fear.


In this episode we talk about mother’s intuition and discovering that the same thing that throws you off might lead you to your greater purpose. We talk about how to enable your best life possible, staying present so your mind doesn’t limit you, questioning your identity, marrying motherhood and entrepreneurship, letting go of perfection, how to walk alongside those who are different to us, our obligation to share our gifts with the world, dismantling the facade women have had to put up, constant self-reinvention, finding your voice and creating your own reality.


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