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Going Conscious

Sep 16, 2020

Temple is an American born producer, singer, trained yoga teacher and certified Reiki Practitioner based in Berlin. Outside of his solo musical projects Temple is known for his composition work and collaborations with artists such as Sam Shure, Bakery and Oliver Koletzki. Temple also dives deep into sound design, film score composition, brainwave entrainment frequencies, meditation, pranayama breath work and ancient mantras; bringing the underground Berlin music scene and spirituality together in harmony. As co-founder and musical director of Soneiro Collective, he holds space for music meditations and mantra singing circles portraying the best of his universal knowledge and empathic feeling for music.


In this episode we talk about balancing living with flow and living with discipline, bringing spirituality to new audiences, being shown the way by the divine feminine and the divine masculine, and the importance of this “school of real life”. We talk about living life as a ceremony full of rituals, creating safe spaces, brainwave entrainment frequencies, the duality of transition and the meaning of reality.

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