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Going Conscious

Mar 17, 2021

Stuart is a pioneer and global leader in Impact Investing, Impact Entrepreneurship, and the Leadership and Management strategy known as Profit for Purpose. He is the creator of Impact Economics (Inclusive Capitalism) which is the future of Business, Capitalism, and Resilient and Inclusive Communities. During his career, he has helped create almost $1B in realized shareholder value for the companies he started and sold, and or was an executive at. Stuart is a Founder, CEO, Chairman, Speaker, Author, Mentor, and Board Member.


In this episode we talk about how Stuart pioneered profit for purpose and why the greatest accumulation of financial wealth will be amassed by those who create the environmental and social solutions of the future. We talk about the good things about capitalism and how to use business to create a positive impact. How Stuart has challenged global heads of state and leading CEOs to rethink leadership and management, the research and learnings that inspired him to create Impact Economics and how it can and is already changing our world, why a bottom up approach works better than top down, the power of economic vibrancy, why inclusivity is vital to sustainability and the success of humanity, and the desperately needed arrival of the feminine.


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