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Going Conscious

Jan 20, 2021

Kim is a Strategic Human Resource Consultant and an Executive Coach with a focus on supporting SMEs. Her mission is to unlock human potential to deliver competitive advantage and she is passionate about diversity and inclusion. She does this by developing HR strategies to support business strategies and drive change, as well as by supporting CEOs with a values based approach. She has previously headed up HR at Harvey Nichols, Soho House Group and at Planet Organic where her HR strategy was key to its turnaround and exit.


We talk about how Kim shifted her career to align with her values, her passion for inclusion and diversity and how she brings HR strategy to drive business success. We talk about championing diversity and inclusion, how HR is undervalued, Kim’s HR strategy which helped turn around Planet Organic, supporting female growth, the wheel of life, attitudes to money and wealth, dealing with grief and experiencing the loss of a parent, and Kim’s mission to raise human potential for the good of people and business alike.


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