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Going Conscious

Sep 16, 2020

Sophia is a New York-based multimedia journalist and video director. Her mission is to humanize a story, product, or character through immersive storytelling and conscious content focusing on issues such as sustainability and global tech trends - redefining how news is communicated in the 21st century. Sophia’s journalistic reporting has appeared in CNN, VOGUE, and the United Nations. She has interviewed notables including Arianna Huffington to Pharrell Williams, Celine Dion and Nobel Peace Prize recipients. She is the former Entertainment Media Editor at where she worked on creating VOGUE's digital voice as part of the founding team of 


In this episode we talk about synchronicity, how if you’re passionate about what you believe in the world will meet you there, the vote you make every time you purchase something, how fashion is inherently unsustainable, how to shed the labels society gives you, the difference between self care and self love, how to align with your soul’s purpose, and the importance of understanding who you are first on your path to consciousness.


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