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Going Conscious

Jan 6, 2021

Abi is the CEO and driving force behind the Fertility Circle. Motivated by her own experience of trying for a baby she wondered why there was so little support. With a passion for entrepreneurship, as well as a background in private equity and healthcare management consulting, Abi is a big believer in the power of community and the marriage of clinical and holistic support in fertility. 


In this episode we talk about Abi’s amazing journey from law, private equity and healthcare in the corporate world, to finding her purpose founding the Fertility Clinic which brings community and expert support for people on their fertility journeys. We talk about how meditation can help you find your calling, how Abi realised what she was doing wasn’t serving her and the drastic changes she made, the consequences of not listening to her gut and how to find the grounding feeling of listening, an Ayurvedic cleanse in India, how becoming a mother was the biggest transformation she has been through, how to redefine success internally and externally, looking for balance in life and the importance of surrendering to the universe.


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