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Going Conscious

Dec 23, 2020

Gianmarco Marinello is the founder of Nai Nami, a social enterprise in Nairobi, Kenya, that builds on the street skills and life stories of former street children and youths from slums to give them a job, income and sustainable future in life. Today the profitable business is run independently by the youths and is the number one tour in Nairobi on TripAdvisor. Gianmarco now supports Nai Nami as an advisor and business developer, lectures at universities on social innovation, is a business developer of a tech-startup and works as an HR recruiter.

In this episode we talk about Gianmarco’s wakeup call and transition from a string of positions that didn’t have anything to do with his values, to becoming the mentor he had always wanted to have himself and radically changing lives. We talk about his incredible work helping people from slums to escape a life of crime and build their self esteem and power to give back to their communities, why success means living aligned with your true self, the incredible energy source you tap into when aligned with your passion and purpose, not having to question who you are or if you’re doing the right thing anymore, the importance of being patient on your journey and believing in your inner voice.

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