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Going Conscious

Dec 9, 2020

Bandana Tewari is a lifestyle journalist and sustainability activist. She writes for The Business of Fashion extensively. She is a TEDx speaker and travels the world speaking about mindfulness in luxury with a special focus on Gandhi and fashion. Vogue India’s Editor-at-Large for 13 years, Bandana is one of India’s foremost authorities on fashion and lifestyle. Her pieces have also appeared in The New York Times, Vogue Arabia, Harper’s Bazaar India, US Vogue, UK Vogue, Wallpaper* and Tank.


In this episode we talk about how Bandana’s move to Bali was a catalyst for change, how she gave up the job no one gives up, and her journey from delightful excessiveness to activism and frugal minimalism. We talk about never underestimating what it means to work without expectations, how Gandhi’s principles can highlight problems and solutions for mindful luxury, how today novelty is the opiate of the masses, how to take back our power and make change, our moral duty as activists not consumers, how sustainable acts are a spiritual practice and how to put the joy back into sustainability.


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