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Going Conscious

Jun 7, 2023

Phillippa is a Professor of Psychology and body image and a mental health expert. She is the Founder of EVERYBODY Consulting, a global consulting group of thought leaders and social scientist experts in body image, appearance diversity and mental health. They consult with powerhouse brands like Dove, Nike and Instagram to disrupt beauty and gender norms, and create more equitable societies. What unites all the strands of Phillippa's work is a strong sense of social justice, a passion for science, and drive to help others do well in business by doing good in society.


In this episode we talk about how Phillippa is working to change the images we see which impact how we feel, broader systems of body image, inclusive aspiration, how we use intuition in business, the intersection of academia and business, and the goal of everybody being able to express themselves freely.


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