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Going Conscious

May 24, 2023

Brenden is the Founder of Barefoot Ventures, the regenerative investment firm which we run together as I am the Founding Partner. In this episode we share the story of how we came to partner up on this mission to reimagine finance for good, and the core concepts that Barefoot Ventures is built upon.


Brenden is passionate about business as a force for good and the world of opportunities it is creating for investors and all stakeholders. He believes the regenerative potential before us will far exceed that of our extractive past. 


We talk about how permaculture can lead to “permacapital” and the idea of a 1000 year fund, how to apply the realisation that we are connected to everything to the world of business, what the true role of capital is, long term value creation instead of short term extraction, why the soil should be our most valued asset and how we help businesses thrive and become regenerative.


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