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Going Conscious

Dec 2, 2022

In this recap episode you will hear the first parts of four Going Conscious episodes with brilliant, world-changing authors. Each has their own topic to inspire us with. 


You will hear from Jon Alexander, the entrepreneur and acclaimed author who is currently on a global tour discussing the ideas of his book CITIZENS, where he tells us about the collapse of the Consumer Story and the rise of the Citizen Story - the deepest truth of humanity. You will hear from a podcast star, writer and Jungian analyst Lisa Marchiano and we talk about the places parenthood can take you that you wouldn’t otherwise have gone to. From Pavita Singh who is Executive Director of Girls Health Ed and an award-winning international bestselling author on a new perspective on negative emotions and the powerful role that they, along with positive emotions, play in our lives. And from Lyn Yap, who shares stories of leaders who have used business as a force for good and her experience of doing meaningful work with global brands.


Check the episode description for the numbers of each episode so you can find them easily to continue listening to the full episodes that catch your attention today.


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Listen to the full episodes:

#107 From advertising to advocacy: The rise of the Citizen Story with Jon Alexander


#102 From motherhood to finding yourself: Connecting with your instincts with Lisa Marchiano


#110 From avoiding to integrating emotions: Letters to the many shades of magic in you with Pavita Singh


#116 From investment banking to altruistic capitalism: Leaving a legacy with Lynn Yap


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