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Going Conscious

Oct 5, 2022

Pavita is a polymath whose mission is to spread light, love, learning, and laughter. She is the Executive Director of Girls Health Ed and award-winning international bestselling author of To All the Magic in Me.


People often go through life avoiding negative emotions, forgetting that they are an integral part of the human experience. An authentic depiction of the human spirit informed by the author's own mental health struggles and life experiences, To All the Magic in Me: A Collection of Love Letters to All of Life's Emotions offers a new perspective on negative emotions and the powerful role that they, along with positive emotions, play in our lives. From boredom to bliss, perfectionism to passion, anxiety to relief, and everything in between and beyond, the states of being covered in this poetry collection remind readers of the complexity, lessons, and beauty to be found in all emotions.


In this episode we talk about the “edit” in “meditate”, how to say “no” to misaligned business opportunities, the many shades of emotions, imposter syndrome, feminist grassroots and Pavita reads us a beautiful poem on Surrender.


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