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Going Conscious

Sep 28, 2022

Joe began his career as an underwriter for Chubb & Son, Inc. and then moved into insurance risk management as an analyst for Lehman Brothers, Inc. He subsequently worked with PepsiCo for nine years. In 2010, Joe fulfilled his desire to have an impact on public policy affecting the country's Department of Social Services, which had an operating budget of $600 million. The first African American elected as a village trustee in his community of Port Chester, New York, he also served as deputy mayor from 2011 to 2012. Joe was appointed President and CEO of Greyston in April 2020 after serving two years as vice president.


In this episode we talk about how Joe, together with his team, bakes 12 million brownies a year, and you’ve probably eaten one in your Ben & Jerry’s. But the real product of Greyston is the people, many of whom are traditionally excluded from the workforce and have been given the opportunity to thrive through Greyton’s paradigm-shifting opening hiring concept.


We talk about the new leadership playbook, how product needs to connect with broader society, and how to discover your gift to make the impact you are called to make.


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