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Going Conscious

Sep 14, 2022

Jon Alexander is the author of CITIZENS: Why the Key to Fixing Everything is All of Us, and co-founder of the New Citizenship Project. He spent the first decade of his career winning awards in the advertising industry, then changed direction to use his skills to involve people in the world as Citizens, instead of just selling stuff to Consumers…


Only recently published, his book is already receiving huge acclaim and his work is being covered in major publications. I’m thrilled for him and so encouraged that this important work is being spread and read by many, as it needs to be.


In this episode we talk about why things are up for grabs in society in ways they haven’t been before, the collapse of the Consumer Story and the rise of the Citizen Story - the deepest truth of humanity. We talk about the huge opportunity for the world that is business, not to minimise harm but to do more good, how to celebrate the connection between humans and nature, and Jon asks us what you would do today if you truly believed in those around you and yourself.


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