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Going Conscious

Sep 7, 2022

Celebrating two years of Going Conscious! I’ve interviewed over 100 guests from all over the world, ages 20s up to 70s, discussing topics from where spirituality intersects with business to finding aligned investors, healing from within and nurturing conscious relationships.


These conversations have led me to spot patterns of how people change their lives and create conscious business success. Without realising it when I started the podcast, I’ve done an enormous amount of research, which I am currently summarising for my upcoming book, Going Conscious! I’m excited to announce here for the first time that it will be published in May 2023.


I can’t wait to share it with you!! You will be able to learn how to transform yourself so you can transform the world using business for good. The 9 key transformations that will revolutionise you, your business and your life. How to finally bring your inner transformation together with your business output, as they have been separated for too long, and your conscious business is ultimately an expression of your inner world.


In this recap episode you will hear the first parts of four Going Conscious episodes that centre around healing yourself from within. I spoke with these four amazing women to discover their journeys and how they discovered how to heal themselves. It is incredibly powerful to unleash our inner abilities if only we give ourselves the chance and space.


We will hear from Emma who discovered how dance is medicine and healed herself from not being able to walk and having tried all the western medicine drugs she could, to being free and fit, moving her body and helping others to do the same. We will hear from Shayoon who, together with her husband Alexander, runs the LightForce centre in Bali and online, and she tells us about her incredible journey from fashion stylist in LA to helping people heal their traumas, and how motherhood was her rebirth. Giap shares her courageous path from banking in London to discovering healing and her Buddhist roots, as well as open vulnerability about conscious relationships. And we hear from Rita who found healing in raw vegan eating and discovered holistic approaches to surrender and discover her inner power.


Please let me know in a short review which episode, guest or takeaway grabs your attention, and I’ll be reading some out as listener shout-outs soon.


To listen to the full episodes, search for:

#86 Emma Marshall

#78 Shayoon Mendeluk

#37 Giap Tongsayor

#24 Rita Pira


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