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Going Conscious

Aug 24, 2022

Shaun is the Founder of Skandinavisk, with a vision to inspire the world to live more Scandinavian via fragrance stories designed to leave a lighter footprint. He is Chair of the B Corp Beauty Coalition, a collective action initiative of almost 50 B Corps committed to working together to change the beauty industry for good, and he is the receiver of Denmark's inaugural 'ESG Frontrunner' award.


In this episode we talk about why balance is the key to Scandinavian countries being so progressive on many measures and the liberation of shifting business to be based on ethics. We talk about the effects of nature dominating life, the pain of discovering the gap between how good you think you are and how good you actually are, about B Corp, the financial results of doing the right thing, the need for a more enlightened citizen, the drive of community, how to make personal impact and why we need to start small.


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