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Going Conscious

Sep 16, 2020

After creating an award winning events company, working 7 day weeks and with the added stress of a breakup, Carmella left for Asia in search of peace and healing. She found herself transformed by the experiences and wisdom from her meanderings through Thailand, The Philippines, India and, most significantly, Bali. Carmella resolved to make it her life’s work to help people find healing therapies that she found to be so beneficial, and Mamma Wellbeing was born.


In this episode we talk about finding self love, the path to living a more conscious life and how Carmella found her freedom. Freedom to become and create what she wants, without limits. We talk about the magic that is produced when you foster love amongst your team, taking radical responsibility for the power you have to change things in your life and how, not only her business, but her partnership and family connection have become more conscious too.


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